Social Media for the Louisville Rotary Club

Social media is about communication. What other type of communication can fuel a revolution, fuel the fires of romance, and fuel a business for selling targeted items. Social media is communication on steroids, communication spanning the traditional, and communication that is global. Some tips for using social media, as well as some profound examples of success are found in a great book by B. Bonin Bough and Stephanie Agresta, Perspectives on Social Media Marketing. These tips for delving into social media come from them:

Be human
Add value
Don’t reveal confidential information
Be professional
Be aware of your responsibility
Check your facts and credit your sources
Disclose who you are
Understand and implement your clients’ policies
Know who you are linking to
Pretend it’s a party

The shift from impressions to connections and from campaign to connections, Bough and Agresta state, is the crux of social media and social networking changing how businesses communicate with their publics.

Speaking at the Rotary Club of Louisville today, February 17 at 12:30 PM, I will be presenting an interactive social media event. Please join us in person or virtually.