Private Duty Home Care Study Needs All Agency Participation

This is a call to action for all agencies to participate in the 2011 Private Duty Benchmarking Survey/Study

As an industry, private duty homecare has little data upon which to draw conclusions, benchmark progress, and know effective marketing strategies and tactics.  The last study completed by Home Care Pulse was an industry first in its participation across all types of private duty agencies and across all types of service providers.

The 2011 Private Duty Benchmarking Survey/Study needs each and every agency that provides private duty to participate. It does take some time (30-60 minutes), but to get accurate information on results from a large number of participants, the outcome is well worth the time.

Imagine, running a private duty homecare agency and having this information on the industry:

  • In-depth details on caregiver training, recruitment methods, screening, and benefits
  • Specific information on billable hours, bill & pay rates, and client retention
  • Greater in-depth financial comparisons among geographic regions and states (based on the # of participants from each state)
  • 42 marketing methods identified and rated by survey participants

To learn more about the benefits of participation and to be directed on how to take the survey, go to

Survey questions are designed to help participants self evaluate their own performance and plan for the future.

Participating agencies get the full report for $29.95 ( a 90% discount), which really is just to cover the cost of printing, shipping and handling.

To help the industry even further, please alert every private duty home care owner/manager you know in your area, or in your network. The survey closes February 17th, so take the time to do this today.