Simplify the Message

Coca Cola Marketing“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” Artist, Hans Hofman


The world’s number one brand according to Business Week is Coke.

When you hear “Just Do It”, does Nike spring to mind? How about “Make my day”? A vision of Clint Eastwood is almost instantaneous.

This is the essence of what companies search for when thinking messaging. This is the stuff dreams are made from for a marketer. Can your brand, your name, your tagline bring something to mind? “Where’s the beef?” Now that’s a good one. I’ll bet  you do remember that, but do you remember what product/business it was touting?

Messaging seems so simple. One of my favorite clients is adding a new product line, and he keeps saying to me, “It is so simple!” Well, if it were so simple, then he and we would have the messaging down pat. What makes it NOT simple? Everything!!!!

Let’s start with differentiation. Something has to be different or noticeable about a product or service. Something has to stand out and grab your attention. Or make you think. Or make you salivate. Or make you smile. Or MOVE you in some way.

And the visual has to marry that message to enhance the effect. Now this is a simple thought for today, but, as I set about my day today wringing the essences out of the businesses with whom I deal, and creating the start of a brand, I just wanted to share that it all starts with simplifying the message.

Barry Sharp, a consultant from Vancouver who has helped me with some strategy in the past, sends me a message each day, and, this was today’s message, “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” I guess I just wanted Barry to know, publicly, that his daily message a)makes me think of him daily and b) sometimes it really hits the mark with what is on my plate and makes me think about solving a problem in a different way.

BTW, “Where’s the beef?” is from an old Wendy’ ad.