A New Year’s Gift from NAHC

Happy New Year.  For my New Year’s gift, I got the announcement that Terry Jones, founder and former CEO of Travelocity will be the keynote speaker at the PDHCA conference in Long Beach January 23rd -25th.  Innovation is his forte, and home care, although a caring business, needs innovation to compete just like other businesses do. Marketing home care, providing services to a growing senior population, finding the right caregivers who are a good fit for a home care career, all of these challenges will only be greater in the future.

Jones is currently Chairman of Kayak.com and CIO of Sabre, Inc and a true innovator. Come to Long Beach, join the conference, and listen to Terry Jones start us off with envisioning the future.

Then you WILL have a Happy New Year for certain, as you will be ahead of the competition!