Irish Rover Home Care Strategy

Popularity of restaurants seems so arbitrary. But, if you analyze it, the food is usually good, the service either good or edgy, and the ambiance fitting the theme. Same for home care. If the service is good, the providers either very good or appropriately matched for the client, and the attitude of the entire company one of a caring individual, then marketing and sales are easier. Not that the cold call or the “getting their attention” is any easier, but the referral base is larger as there are loads of satisfied clients. So getting top of mind and staying there is easier.
Louisville Irish Rover Restaurant

Last night’s dinner of apple and onion compote with colcannon and a thin, skillet fried pork loin slice could have been served in the wood burning kitchen on an Irish bog. And the Irish Rover, a popular casual ethnic dining spot in Louisville’s Crescent Hill area is always a great place to go for some feel good times accompanied by comfort food. No matter that the comfort food is not what grandma would make, unless you are Irish. O’rsini perhaps would work for me….

Differentiation is at the heart of success as well. And the Irish Rover by name and looks is differentiated. If you have a business, how are you different from all the rest? What is it that sets you apart and makes you memorable?

This is just almost the middle of January and still time for you to set a strategy for marketing. Start with writing down all those things that set you apart, that make you different. Then, scratch off the ones that apply to other agencies. Then look hard at what it is that makes you different, and start thinking of ways to capitalize on that and to take that to market.

Having trouble? See if we can assist you. At corecubed, we happen to be really good at helping our clients determine strategy.