Home Care Marketing Strategy 2011: the Visual

Marry the visual with the message. Marry the message with the visual. Each person takes in information differently. Some respond more to sounds, some more to visuals, some more to reading information, some more to experiencing. Some people have memories that are strong and associated with feeling good, or feeling bad, and associated with words or pictures.

The more the differentiation, the messages and a visual representation of the message/differentiation  “speaks” to a potential target, the more possible it is for that message to resonate, be accepted and understood. And the more the possibility that action will occur as a result of the target coming into contact with the message/visual.

The whole point of a home care marketing strategy is to create a way to get in front of an audience and to have your service understood so that when the need arises for in-home care, your agency will be the home care agency called for service. So, you can have the best service imaginable, but if it is not differentiated, targeted to the right audience, clearly messaged so that the differentiation is obvious, you can still not get the business you want unless the visual representation is married happily with it all.

My very favorite representation of that was an example Todd Bright did once at a workshop where he showed farm fresh eggs and showcased how someone might not stop of the sign at the side of the road were computer generated. For farm fresh eggs, a hand painted sign would attract far more business. Why? The visual is married with the message. Anyone can buy eggs at a store, but to get eggs right from the chicken? (Still warm perhaps?) A had painted sign on weathered barn board posted at the end of a lane or in front of a small corner grocer would draw a crowd.

The same applies to home care. For quality a home care agency needs to show quality. Exude quality. In each and every communication the quality must show through. Forms left in the home. Inquiry letter responses.

Are there logos on all material? Is the material copied from a clean copy or Xeroxed to death and crooked and hard to read? Are the forms in the home all logo laden and clean copies? Are the envelopes in which the inquiry response is sent hand written or branded and printed professionally? Simple, small, perhaps seemingly insignificant items, but the person or the referral source making a decision is dealing with a lot of information and many choices. This is taking care of a most prized possession, a mother, a father, a beloved aunt, perhaps. The subliminal comes into play here, and quality comes from each and every thing an agency does, says, sends in the mail or leaves in the home.

Marrying the visual with the message is the 4th part of creating a homecare marketing plan and implementing that strategy for best results.

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