Home Care Marketing Strategy 2011

If one of your New year’s resolutions is to grow your home care business, then you have to start with looking at the strategy you are using to promote, position, communicate, approach whoever you think is your target. Don’t have a strategy? Just doing what you have always done and thinking it may work this year? Well, in today’s crowded home care marketplace, the competition may well have a strategy and are implementing it, so you should take today, as the first work day in 2011 and think about your strategy, or lack thereof.

Your marketing strategy is your message, your target markets, how you plan on reaching them and how you visually present yourself and your business.

Sounds simple? If done correctly, it is simple. At least it is simple AFTER you have decided the key components of that strategy. #1 is find a way to stand out and differentiate to be remembered. This may be as simple as the fact that you and your husband are partnering together to fulfill a lifelong dream of caring for others, or as complex as the fact that your home care agency is a part of a larger health care delivery system that has achieved quality as their first priority.

Take some time today and write down all the ways that your agency is different, achieves its goals, approaches problems, and does daily business. Then scratch off the ones that could also be said of others. What is left is what makes you different. That is the starting point, and the point from which all the branding and communication must begin.

Today is the first work day of 2011. Make some time each day this week to set a strategy that will start you on the road to home care success in 2011.