Home Care Marketing Strategy 2011: Results

Trying the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Not to be rude or insulting, but I see many home care agencies just continuing to do what they have always done but expecting different results.  In marketing home care services, measuring for results is key to making decisions about how to spend limited marketing dollars. If it works, do more of it. If it is not bringing results then stop doing it. What is the worst that can happen? You can always go back to doing it if you see a drop in a significant factor. And, if you are measuring, then you will know about that drop soon so you can make amends.

Measuring results is a typical accounting function and not only as it relates to home care. It should be a typical marketing function as well. And not only measuring, but taking action to either stop doing something or start doing more of something.

Creating a homecare marketing plan should include a way to measure if your efforts are succeeding. How do you do that? The number one way to tell if your marketing is succeeding is in revenue, number of new cases opened, and increased numbers from those referring. How do you know what of your efforts is working to drive these numbers up?

Website analytics will show increased traffic to the site. An online inquiry form will allow you to see who is inquiring. An online referral form will do the same. Simply asking the caller how they heard about the agency is a good way, although not scientific, since sometimes it takes 10 impressions or 10 encounters with a company before the call is made. The post card in the mail might be the reason they called, but it was really that reinforcing the article in the paper, the website visit, and hearing an educational presentation by a nurse on Alzheimer’s disease, which is what the problem is that makes the caller need home care.

And the Yellow Pages. Seems that in rural areas, and some outlying areas around cities the Yellow Pages is still being used. Or at least being given credit for calls. I tend to think that using the Yellow pages will become obsolete as the cost of printing them will soon outweigh the profits, so only those who request them will get them, thus further reducing their effectiveness.

If you need help in creating a strategy for your home care agency, then corecubed can help. We have created successful strategies for numerous agencies and businesses from start up to multi-site, from locally owned to large franchise organizations. Just send us an email, call us at 800-370-6580 x 3, or fill out our easy inquiry form.

To recap this series on homecare marketing planning, there are several steps to creating a home care marketing strategy. First you have to differentiate the home care agency, then understand the target audience you are trying to reach, then marry the message and the visual, and pick the right channels and communicate often in those channels.  Establish a brand and then extend the agency brand. Finally, measure for results and revisit the plan often, and you will watch your numbers soar.