Nostalgia Invades Reality

Most people who know about or live with someone with Alzheimer’s know that living in the past is more comfortable. In fact, many Alzheimer’s sufferers desire to “go home” when “home” may be someplace where they grew up, or where they lived when they first married.

One retirement home in England has created reminiscence rooms, or nostalgia rooms that contain artifacts of the 50’s. having access to these rooms has brought comfort and decreased anxiety and lessened confusion in some residents.

Marlborough, Wiltshire Retirement Home Alzheimer's Room
Coombe End Court, in Marlborough, Wiltshire.

What’s in the reminiscence room…

A Bakelite telephone .

A Hoover vacuum cleaner.

A Singer sewing machine

A vintage dog on wheels toy

Mantel clock with silvered dial contained in an oak arch-shaped case by Smith.

Oval mirror with beveled edge on chain.

Wooden clothes drying rack.

A Wireless radio not WiFi)

A picture of a classic blue Chevrolet.

A Remington typewriter

It seems that using this room has led to a dramatic drop in the use of anti-psychotic drugs taken to combat Alzheimer’s. What a great idea.