Tips for Twitter Newbies

Getting ready for my Las Vegas presentation to the private duty industry’s conference, the 13th year for this one. Thinking that for social media newbies, navigating the worlds of Facebook and Twitter can seem quite overwhelming at first. Thought a few helpful tips might be appreciated.  For Twitter:

Know the lingo. More than any other social media site, Twitter employs a seemingly complex language of special terms and symbols. Working with Twitter, you’re likely to see things like hashtags (#), retweets (RTs), @username, direct messages (DMs) and shortened URLs. It is important to learn these terms and their functions in order to get the most out of your Twitter account. Twitter offers a glossary of key terms at

Be interesting. This sounds like a no-brainer, but it bears mentioning. People search Twitter using specific keywords, which is how total strangers will land on your feed. Producing compelling and relevant feeds will attract more followers. So take time to play around with the style you want, be it chatty and personal or strictly information based, and find the one that best fits you and your business. Above all, create content that your followers and clients will find interesting and keep your posts fresh by posting daily if possible.

Join the conversation. Once you have some followers and are following others, take part in the dialogue. Reply to messages and posts with meaningful or helpful information, make sure to answer any questions posed to you and retweet information from others that you find interesting. This way your followers know that you’re engaged and active.

Marketing is all about communicating, and Twitter is just another means of keeping the communication open.  You can hear me speak on social media in Kentucky at the home care conference Thursday, Nov. 18 and then Long Beach January 23rd at the PDHCA conference.