A Little Esoteric for a Sunday Evening

Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) Chief Curator David Revere McFadden lectured Saturday in Chicago to a packed house at Navy Pier on the Blur Zone – a new era of the convergence of art, design and craft whereby the object or experience in question is judged by quality of workmanship, creativity and impact, and not segmented into some classification. That is exactly what is happening in marketing. The basic concept of a communication/distribution system is changing, and how that integrates is really in a Blur Zone right now. And most likely will remain there as well. Undefined and just working.

Targets are the same for products and services, but how the user finds the information and how it gets validated so that trust is built and money changes hands is radically different. And, it is still changing, and changing rapidly.

The key is to notice the trends, start thinking and planning for how to best be prepared for the future, and be open to the reality that things are different, and old has to be integrated into new, and new must be embraced. a little esoteric for  Sunday evening, but true nonetheless.