Bombarding with Negatives Does not a Positive Make

Communication is the name of the game in marketing. Communicating the right message to the targeted audience right?  So, I am wondering how, in this day and age of the incredible nasty, demeaning and downright vicious ads against both parties in a political race, how is it that the public is supposed to FORGET the bad things said about the winner? And one of the guys is going to win. Unfortunately, perhaps, but a reality.

So, when candidate A does win, every time we see him/her, are we not going to question his/her integrity? Are we not going to remember that they are dishonest, anti-some religion or group, did terrible things in their life? And how do we build a credible, respectable political contingent if we have such equally terrible folks running for office? If a candidate were a product, he/she would be recalled. If a candidate were a product, he/she would simple not be purchased, thus moved off the prime shelf space. If a candidate were a product, he/she would have to be rebranded, remade and repositioned in order to maintain some modicum of interest from a purchasing public.

How about a marketing campaign for candidates that focused on issues, and their stand, and how they would vote? How about a marketing campaign that focused on experience in solving problems with examples of a problem and how they solved it? How about a marketing campaign that focused on the good things about people and not trumped up exaggerations about past irrelevant encounters or statements made when they were in college?

As a marketing professional it seems to me that the art of selling a good candidate to a hopeful public needs to be reinvented, or we will have an ongoing turnstile of politicians where we throw the rascals out every few years, only to get another set of rascals that need to be thrown out again in a few years.

If you happen to be interested in selling good products or services, focusing on strengths and finding the right targets who need specific messages, then corecubed can do that. Fortunately we are not involved in any political campaign ads, and, hopefully we never will stoop to that level to have a client. Now what does that say about our candidate choices?

The Good Ole Days