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MOST Fly-In 2010
MOST Fly-In 2010

Two incredible things to report today:

1. One of our MOST clients has had 30 new clients start service in the last two weeks! Would you not say the word is out?

2. The success of our first ever MOST Fly-In. The post meeting survey found 100% rated the experience “excellent”.

Occasionally in business we find something very special that works better than anticipated.  September 17-19 corecubed hosted the first ever Fly-In with invitations only to customers who participate in our MOST program.  In essence we serve as the marketing, design and writing department for the agency and they pick and choose each month what they want to do for marketing, education, recruitment or retention.  They have access to a web based library of  hundreds of resources that we have created specifically for the home care market since 2007. We also implement for the eNewsletters and the postcards.

The MOST clients who attended spent the weekend getting to know each other and each other’s businesses, learning that it is less lonely at the top when you have someone who UNDERSTANDS your business, and getting incredible insight into how others solved problems and issues. Everyone reported that the experience was well worth the time and expense.  One of those unexpectedly good beginnings.

Featured here is me, Merrily Orsini, weekend host, and Debbie Savage, President of Responsive Home Health Care in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and also a featured speaker at the Private Duty Homecare Association of America meeting in Long Beach this January 23-25, 2011. She has been working on ways to get private duty married with hospitals to keep readmissions down on targeted diseases.

The next webinar on what MOST offers is on October 26th at 3 PM.

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