Don’t Poke a Skunk

In an article in the local Courier Journal Newspaper this morning was a physician discussing the little purple pills that are so popular. He said the number one rule in medicine is “Don’t poke a skunk”. I always thought it was “Do no harm”. And I am now wondering why he would equate NOT poking a skunk (in the practice of medicine) with doing no harm. One seems entirely aggressive in action (you really would not have to ever in your life poke a skunk) and one seems to take thought and forethought (is what I am doing harmful or not?). Logic would tell me NOT to poke a skunk. However, doing no harm is less black and white, so to speak.

The theme in the article was that lifestyle choices are what usually makes for digestive problems, and simply taking a pill to alleviate the problem does not get to its source. On the same page was an article on Bill Clinton becoming a vegan so he can control the progression of his heart disease.

With all the information supporting a healthy lifestyle for a variety of mental and physical reasons, one would have to wonder why we continue to chose the unhealthy path?