Win at Home Care SEO Even with Fierce Competition

SEO for home care. The competition is fierce. More and more people are finding home care through internet searches. I just did a comparison of key words searched on Google that related to home care. I first looked at all searches since 2004 and then looked at the last 90 days.

Amazingly the trend is for people to search by company/agency name. The keywords for which people search has not changed hardly at all except that home care jobs is now in the top ten and health care is also right at the top, replacing the “home” in home health care.

What does this mean to the agency wanting to get ranked? It means that traditional marketing and branding are increasingly important in addition to using tactics to get higher ranking.

So, how does an agency with a limited budget compete with the large organizations that are spending mega bucks on marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC)? It means that you had better find a way to get your agency name out there in many different ways that are all internet marketing related.  It means that using social media, using strategic internet marketing and having a well designed website are all things that should be in your corporate marketing tool box. It means that back links to your site are also important. It means that you had better be out giving presentations and educating on home care and making certain that your agency is seen as a leader and an expert in home care. Sounds daunting, does it not? Well, the only program that I know of that accomplishes this is the MOST program. Now in its 3rd year, with over 30 themed complete packages for agencies to use for their corporate marketing, the MOST program delivers content, design and a team of professionals to implement. Give it a look see and ask me for a special deal that we are running through September 15th.