Alzheimer’s and Education and Marketing

Headed out to Vermont today to present to a VNA group about marketing their services. Just answered a question on Alzheimer’s as an expert on What do these two have in common? Education as a marketing tool for home care needs.

Is it not amazing that someone in this day and age would have a question about Alzheimer’s disease and what to do? And, even more amazing is that a physician in this day and age is diagnosing age-related memory loss. Reminds me of the joke about the malfunctioning knee and when the doctor said to his patient, “Well you are 80 years old, so you should expect some malfunctioning.” To which the patient replied, “But my other knee is 80 years old as well and it is fine.”

This scenario and question are at the heart of marketing home care services, or geriatric care management services as well. It is simple – when the care need presents, people then start looking for answers and for information. If an agency is positioned so that they have the answers to the questions, and can be found by the person looking for those answers, then that agency is going to get the business. (a few other items come into place here, like great service and quality caregivers).

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