Marketing to an Affluent Senior Market

Off to Dallas, Texas today. Grapevine, Texas to be more precise. Destination NAHC (National Association for Home Care & Hospice). The  annual meeting starts this upcoming week, and I have a board meeting all day on Friday. What a time to be associated with home care. First a majority of folks prefer to remain at home if they have care needs. Secondly, the population is aging at an increasing rate due to genetics, lifestyle changes, medical breakthroughs, and environment. Thirdly, the government reimbursement programs are all scrambling to see how they cannot meet the needs of this changing demographic.

It  remains to be seen how this all plays out, but the writing is on the wall for entrepreneurs to meet the needs and to continue to change how America ages, and where we age. More options are now available for living elsewhere, and more options are available for staying put. The question will be: can you afford to stay put or to move elsewhere given the current economic climate? I think the answer is with planning it is possible.

Marketing to a segment that has wealth, has mobility, has long term plans, and is not planning on slowing down is like marketing to a moving target. The secret is to get their attention when the need arises. And that, in this day and age, means using the internet and media to their greatest advantage. Simply put, when someone needs care, it comes unexpectedly and oftentimes urgently, and that is the exact moment that they want information.

This is what the internet is perfect to accomplish-someone with a specific need finding a solution. A niche market. An unmet burning need. Marketing home care services, or long term care services, is all about meeting needs, educating when that need presents, and then some personal follow-through. It is not rocket science, but it is highly competitive and there will only be a few winners.

corecubed knows how to market to a senior affluent market that needs that information there when and where they need it. We have over a decade of direct focus on the senior industry, and over a decade of satisfied customers who keep returning. What better testimonial for success?