What is eye catching about a Fishcar?

Well in a word, almost everything.  The Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft held its 9th annual art car weekend starting this past Friday. If you have never attended an art car event, it is really something to behold. Artists take free reign with decorating their cars from tasteful to ridiculous to sublime. The car that got the most attention this year (and for good reason) was the fish car. You would really have to see it to believe it, as it is a car with lobsters, fish and sharks, all moving and singing, led by a singing bass standing up at a microphone and a lobster conductor waiving a wand to the tune of the music.

Fishcar Lobster Conductor

The fishcar’s inventor calls this the Sashimi Tabaernacle Choir, and he travels around the country astounding those who vie for attention at art car functions. And, with all the singing (my favorite was Aquarius from the musical, Hair) and the lighted moving sea life, it is hard not to stop dead in your tracks and admire (?) the workmanship and ingenuity. And he did get some good press while here.

So what is the marketing message? Like wearing a sandwich board or standing on the curb dressed as a chicken the art car makes a statement, gets attention, and makes folks want to know more. In home care, it is hard to take a message from such a frivolous and fun event, but there are things that get attention and make folks want more. Clinics that offer services for free so people can try out a service before buying it, dial-in information lines so people can find out if the agency does provide a good, friendly service…just two examples of things that a home care agency could do to make a statement and get attention. There are loads more, and if they fit with the agency’s  branding and mission, then all the better.

Planning how to get attention for a home care agency is not as easy as its coming naturally as a fishcar, but it is possible. And then following up with media and web based communication about the event gives it “legs” so more people can find out about it. Plus the benefits will spread around for more time than just the time of the actual event. Read Amy Chilla’s blog on corecubed if you want an insight into telling your story better. Fishcar or no.