Excellence: you first have to know what it is.

You do know it when you see it or experience it. A dining experience is enhanced by the service. Given the food, the reason for being there, has to also be good, but the excellence comes with how that food is served, and how the wait staff makes you feel- special? Or just like another diner?

Searching for solutions on line is no different. In shopping for a home care solution for a mother, the basics must be present. For home care it is the services, explained clearly and in a layman’s language, and location(s) served. Also good for home care is some personal information about the agency staff, in particular where does the buck stop? Is that person one who drives the staff towards excellence?  A concerned adult child is looking for some assurance that her mother will be cared for in a loving and safe manner. So, the website as the adult child’s first encounter with the world of home care must relate something personal about the agency and its management.

Then that first phone call to the agency, or in some cases, an inquiring email, is the make it or break it moment. If phone, does the person answering have joy and interest in his voice? If email, is the inquiry answered promptly and personally?

Excellence in business is something for which each of us needs to strive. But it is not enough for just the owners or administrators to strive for excellence, all staff must understand that each and every task can be better if each and every task is accompanied by a quest for doing it better each and every day, and always learning what works best and applying more of that the next time. When is the last time you asked yourself or your staff what it is that makes an excellent company? And then benchmark against that as you grow your business. You will know excellence when you experience it, and your customers will tell you, over and over, how much joy it brings them that your team understands and strives for excellence.

Check out our team corecubed, and ask us to do something for you. See if you don’t agree that we have excellence as our goal no matter what the task.