The Cobbler’s Children Have Shoes!

Well it has been a long time in coming, but corecubed has a newly redesigned website. Done in ExpressionEngine it allows us a great showcase of some of our client work, and also I now have the ability to edit internally, so I am not at the mercy of my wonderful designers, rather in control!

Some benefits to using a content management system (CMS):

1. Updating. It is really easy to update a website without needing to know programming code or be skilled at web design.

2. Cost savings. It is much quicker to add pages, post articles, and link to files than it would be with the old standard HTML designed website, and you don’t have to pay another skilled person to do it.

3. Scalability. With a CMS site, planned and designed for growth, expanding and growing is easy to do with a great system already in place. ExpresssionEngine and WordPress allow for easy expansion without starting over from scratch.

4. Community & Connectivity. When updated often and set up to integrate with social media outlets, a CMS often has the ability to easily make connections with other sites and to bring more visitors to yours.

However, let me emphasize that there are other reasons that make a CMS site beneficial to the business, but those relate to the skill set of the designers and the people planning the site (which we have in depth here at corecubed):

1. Clean code. What that means to you is that the search engines like it and it makes the site ranking better if the parsing is easy.

2. Flexibility. We can easily change out showcased items on the home page, what is featured on the inside, and where photos and text are located.

3. Attractiveness. Well this is not really the CMS, this is our designers! They do know their stuff and continue to deliver top quality and incredibly attractive design.

Note that the clean code and attractiveness come from the skill of the person setting up the CMS. Don’t be misled thinking you can slap up a CMS site and have clean, SEO-friendly code out of the box. It is as easy to build an awful CMS site as it is an awful HTML site! “Well. Maybe even easier…….” says Will Chatham, Web Manager at corecubed.

Join us with a new website or a redesigned website if your business is sluggish, or if you have new products or a new story to tell. We specialize in content-driven websites and utilize ExpressionEngine and WordPress on a regular basis. Our web design team is deep and rich, and we use these tools to provide ourselves and our clients with powerful content management that doesn’t sacrifice SEO, clean code, or beautiful custom design.