Sometimes Easy is the Key to Success

Since 2006 we have been collecting products that help home care agencies grow and posting them to one of our internal sites, for sale. Recently we launched the site in a new shopping cart format, and it is along the lines of the websites we have been developing recently. Content management is really the future of how anyone who wants to do great business on the internet is doing it. Simply stated it allows anyone, whether computer/tech savvy or not to edit, post, upload and control the content of the site.

We have recently completed redesigns of several home care agency sites in ExpressionEngine, a content management system that allows for incredibly intense and powerful design with that added power of editing capability for the owner. A blog is built into the software, and the code is clean so the search engines love it. A picture is worth a thousand, so take a glance at Live Free Home Health and also Responsive Home Health. I think you will be impressed with the design, the information, the ease of navigation. And, just imagine if you had the power to edit as well!

Also, although we did not control the design on these sites, we recently redid three websites in WordPress for Michael Giudicissi and Melanie Stover who run Power Shot Training, allowing them the incredible power to control content, to add information, to edit and post photos or links as they wish. Anyone who knows Michael G knows that he has a million ideas, and what better format to be able to post those ideas than on one of his websites. Check them out and go often so you can understand the power the owner or administrator or marketer has to control messaging and to launch ideas.

Want one for your agency? It’s as easy as calling 800-370-6580 x3, emailing or going to and filling out a contact us request.