A Pioneer without a Coon Skin Hat

When the word pioneer is used to describe my role in home care, it fits the definition. Lead the way. Open up. Found. Forge. Break new ground. Initiate. Establish. Prepare. These are all accurate descriptions of my personal background and experience in home care and geriatric care management. And they are pertinent to how I currently approach marketing home care, home health and hospice today.

I founded a geriatric care managed home care agency. I forged forward with developing systems for training, for recruiting, for marketing that unique (at the time) business. I broke new ground in Louisville and in other cities working with people to teach how to run that kind of business. I initiated organizations, and established the Midwest Care Managers group so like minded service oriented people would get together, share best practices, and grow the industry. I prepared, and continue to prepare, others with whom I work for meeting the future in home care.

Also a pioneer in marketing home care using traditional as well as new social media, the trend continues. I and my business team at corecubed are leading the way in developing Web sites that help agencies compete in today’s market place. We are opening up new referral sources through our MOST program. We founded the MOST program forging and breaking new ground in educating about home care and how to meet needs through in-home care. We initiated and established educational PPTs and handouts for download and for takeaways so teaching and spreading the word about home care as an option to many situations could be explained fully and understood by many. And we are preparing those with the potential to refer to home care so they will understand and use the agencies that use MOST when their clients or loved ones have home care needs.

Yes, I am a pioneer in home care, and corecubed is a pioneer in marketing and teaching about home care. And, as pioneers, we are continuing to forge and break new ground in ways that our clients can use traditional and non-traditional methods to have clients find them when there is a potential need for home care.

See what Barbra London has to say about MOST and Merrily and corecubed: