“Truly Remarkable” is the key

A great marketer once said, “In selling a product or service, nothing matters unless the product or service is truly remarkable.”  And I have to tout our MOST program as it is truly remarkable. Some targeted marketing is just to get immediate attention. The MOST program is a resource library full of educational materials for those seeking to find care for a frail elderly person, or to find information on how to find care, or to find information on questions commonly asked about care. Thus, the marketing impact builds and grows the longer an agency is a member.

By offering a Web-based library full of operational, sales, marketing, recruitment and retention materials, targeted to home care, the MOST program members have access to highly professionally designed marketing and related collateral material as well as a team that implements the external communication of the material: we send our a monthly eNewsletter and update a member’s Web site with resources, links, and downloads.

All of this activity is just to keep the agency top of mind with the customer and to create the agency as an expert in care matters for their exclusive geographic area. The home care provided by our MOST clients must indeed be truly remarkable, but we are driving the traffic to give those agencies a chance to rise above the competition.

The program has morphed over the almost three years we have been offering it, and anyone who has looked at it in the past, needs to take another look at it today. If anyone wants a personal tour inside the Web based system, just ask! email info@corecubed.com and request a private tour. You will be glad you did.