Rise above the home care crowd

Revamping programs to meet customer demand is one reason businesses succeed. corecubed has offered a home care specific industry program since October 2007, and in those three years, the program has changed a lot. Even the strategy has changed, based on how the industry is changing. What started out as a regulated process for going to market, is now a dynamic resource filled library that is Web-based and contains marketing, sales, design, and recruitment resources available to all members.

What this means, is that we now have complete modules that are based on a 30+ home care themes (PPTs, press releases, brochures, resource tips and helpful information, Web links, Web banners) as well as many standalone items. What started out as targeting referrals within the industry has now become a robust resource for an agency allowing an independent agency (or a location of a franchise) to compete in this crowded home care market place with the very best marketing and sales material available anywhere.

Communicating regularly is one key to staying in the mind of people who might need services, and the corecubed team implements the direct mail, the email eNewsletter (topical and VERY interesting and well read amongst the agencys’ email lists), so taking time to have regular communication with clients, families, referral sources and prospectives of each of those categories is not only done for the MOST program members, but also the communication adds value because of its helpful and informative nature.

Home Care In-a-Box is the theme of the next MOST Webinar that is sales oriented (disclosure) but also will take the attendee inside this incredible system to showcase the content, material and quality design that has been developed. If you are a home care agency or if you have a friend who owns one, I suggest you either sign or direct them to sign up for the Tuesday, October 26th one hour free (3 PM Eastern time)  Webinar now. The program is only offered to one agency in any geographic area because it is so good team corecubed does not want 2 people getting the same helpful information. The program maintains a 92% retention rate with our most successful home care companies using MOST and corecubed as their marketing partner. This is really a marketing program that is beyond belief in its depth and quality, and we are proud to say that we continue to listen to our clients and develop new ways for the MOST program members to compete and to rise above the crowd.