Focus on Winning

Calvin Borel is not called Calvin Bo-rail for nothing. If you watched the 136th running of the Kentucky Derby with a “seasoned” eye, you would have seen his strategy. He took the shortest route, right on the rail (bo- RAIL, get it?) and when he saw an opening in the stretch, he headed right through it and let his horse go. The rest, as we say here in the Bluegrass, is history.

Focus is what won that race. Alright, he is talented, skilled, experienced as well, but it is the focus that separated him from the others who did not win on Saturday. And it is focus along with persistence and determination that makes businesses succeed. Take a look at your agency’s or business’ marketing efforts, and ask yourself if you are approaching a) the right targets with b) the right message and c) the right way so they will respond as you are desiring.

Take a look at Responsive Home Health’s new Web site and notice the focus on the right target with words, photos, and interactivity. Then take a look at the content. Resource rich, helpful, targeted. Then add on the well designed and realize also that you are looking around because it interests you, it invites you in, and it fills a need when you are there.

Think of a Web site as your office. People who come to you need  to get what they want, find it easily, complete their business and move on to the next step of doing business with you. corecubed has added to its bench strength in our Web design department, and the results are powerful.