Economic vitality for 2050

Just had the priviledge to lunch at U of L with Joel Kotkin, the author of The Next Hundred Million America in 2050. As an expert in marketing senior care it was uplifting for me to listen to this Distinguished Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures  reinforce that the US has a healthy economy, and that it will only be better in the future. Actually, projecting into the future, he speaks casually of the economic vitality or our country.  He feels that the US has a unique capacity to create wealth, raise the standard of living and meet the burdens of future commitments that our current generation is levying on those yet to come. Although the population of the US is expected to rise to 20% over 65 in 2050, Kotkin believes that immigration and our higher birth rate will produce a society that is truly transcendent in terms of technology and culture. Overall, a very hopeful and optimistic projection for the future for elder care and home care businesses. So, it is safe to focus some of your agency’s funds on marketing! You can be prepared to meet those challenges with corecubed as your outsourced marketing partner.