A GREAT WEB SITE : the basic element for success

Great conversation with a talented and savvy woman who used to work at Landor associates, and knows the value of “A product is made in a factory. A brand is mane in the mind,” a  famous Walter Landor quote.

Other than great accolades for our design capabilities, she also complemented us on the branding we have accomplished with the larger target-businesses who want to grow and are committed to strategic ally get there, and our home care related businesses. I specifically appreciated that as we strive to grow each of our clients in the way that is best suited to them and their targets. We certainly understand branding and the power of the brand in the marketplace. It is an investment, but a worthwhile one, if you ask me.

It seems to me, that if you can really delve deeply into an industry, that you not only created value for clients in THAT industry, but that you also create value for the niche industry. As you are constantly challenged with other results in other industries. Just food for thought to follow-up on my feelings (more strongly than ever) that a GREAT WEB SITE is the basic element to this equation for success in today’s market place.