The Silver Bullet Exists

Everyone is always looking for that silver bullet. That one thing they could do differently, better, faster or cheaper to gain market share. And, sometimes it does appear that the silver bullet has been found, but, more than likely, it is simply the result of some good strategy and following the basic marketing tenets that bring success.

Example 1 is the client who bought lots of new domain names (URLs) and wanted to “trick” the search engines by creating lots of mini sites that all drive traffic to the main Web site. A dangerous strategy if Google perceives that it is trying to be tricked, and a waste of effort and money. The better strategy? Get great back links by doing something worthy of being posted on some dynamite site. Write a relevant article and submit it to a national publication. Create a blog and build interest by offering something of worth on that blog. Use short video that addresses issues that the prospective client might find interesting, or that answer questions usually asked and hard to answer. The best strategy is to have a current Web site, well designed and maintained and optimized for search engines.

Relevancy is the key to getting ranked well, and there is an art to keeping that ranking by making the site work for you. Blogs, videos and changing content will help as well. But the key to ranking is relevancy and the key to getting and keeping interest is to be interesting (and relevant).

Example 2 is the client who wants a dynamite Web site so there is measurable ROI. Yes, corecubed can build a dynamite Web site that will be relevant, designed for search engines, and we use SEO in creating content and naming pages and photos. But how do you measure ROI from a Web site? Inquiries? Traffic to the site? Downloads? All of these are definitely measurable events, but the REAL ROI for any business is growing revenues and increasing profits. And the Web site is just one component of good marketing.

The start of good marketing strategy is starting with the basics. Who is the target customer? What messages resonate with them? What visuals will attract them that also marry with the message? THEN you build a dynamite Web site that is interesting, attractive, organically optimized for the search engines and one that does attract your target customers. So, no silver bullet unless you create it the way it is intended to be created with no shortcuts!