Marketing AND Sales: Together is Better

In home care the word “marketing” often means a person who performs the direct sales for the agency. And being a good sales person, is indeed, an incredible talent. Knowing how to sell, however, is vastly different from creating a strategy from which TO sell.

Marketing strategy starts with some basics, and the most basic is branding. Then messaging. Defining targets that are most receptive to the sale, and then creating a process to inform and communicate to all so the potential to MAKE the sale is spread across a wider and wider (although targeted) audience.

What you are looking for is marketing that is being conducted consistently in order to get the most effective results for the long-term.
Pam Selker Rak  writes so perfectly that “Organizations spend millions in research and development, and they hire the best talent to turn their ideas into breakthrough products or services. They further provide millions of dollars so that their staff is constantly updated as to the latest technologies. Yet they often fail to take this same process to further understand their market, or communicate with their customers in a structured, ongoing manner to build their brands for the long-term.”

Two more great quotes from Rak that are worth repeating here: “Marketing cannot sell a bad product or service (at least not for the long-term). And a good product or service can have only limited success in selling itself. It may have some success in the short-term but will not have mainstay without marketing to build and retain awareness and retention among targeted audiences.”

And the final thought is that “marketing should never be viewed as an expense; it’s always a long-term investment—if it’s done right.” It is that “if it’s done right” component that is usually the issue. Many people who are in marketing do not take the time to understand the product or service, know the industry, and get the basics done right prior to launching into the sales process.

corecubed knows the home care and senior care industries. corecubed staff keeps up with the news and the events in the industry, follows trends, and pays attention to what people are buying and how they are getting their information. corecubed keeps on top of technology and uses it to the greatest leverage for our clients. We understand the power and strength of good, strategic marketing and our clients’ successes reinforce that.