Survival of the fittest

Even though it is February and we are roaring into a week culminating with Valentine’s Day, I keep finding ideas that are exciting challenges to success in the future. Take these from Amy Casper who wrote them for Open Forum while she was lamenting on the woes of 2009:

  • Some tips for surviving and thriving in 2010:
    • Lead with optimism–always.
    • Collaborate when practical and relevant–but don’t create subcommittees.
    • Focus on and build a culture of excellence, base it on trust and it will see you through the tough times.
    • Be a change agent.
    • Be fearless.

As I head to Miami for the National Association for Home Care and Hospice Board Meeting and then the national home care strategic planning day on Friday, Feb 12th, I am challenged to live by these tips and a few more of my own:
Plan the work and work the plan
Know the audience before you speak
Integrity will always win, in the end
What goes around comes around (although maybe not in the timeframe you would like)

Do you have any words of wisdom or tips for survival for 2010? Share them, please!