Social Media Marketing for Health Care

It’s cliché to say that social media has revolutionized the way agencies reach clients-marketing. It’s more accurate to say that it quietly snuck up behind traditional old school marketers, whopped them in the head, turned their universe inside out and then sent them a tweet about it.

In fact, social media – that is, interactive networking Web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flikr and Linkedin – may someday be seen as one of the most innovative marketing tools ever to come out of the early 21st century. Make no mistake: It’s not an automatic guarantee of marketing success, (and as we learned from the dot com bust of the 1990s, neither is an online presence) but – in moderation and wielded skillfully – it can be a valuable asset.

Previously unheard of, now patients can share experiences with the world. Below is a YouTube video wwith a patient sharing his experiences with prostate cancer on Twitter and Facebook.

With this kind of access to information and with a world of people able to access it, the savvy home care company will cease to ignore the Internet as a valuable marketing tool