Measuring marketing bang for the social media buck

How much is a tweet worth?

It’s a legitimate question. Much has been made recently of the supposed power of social media marketing. As experts declare social media to be the new chessboard where all the best branding moves are made, marketers are rushing to their keyboards to post Facebook statuses and tweet to their hearts’ content.

Click here to see this dynamite video on the real value of social media marketing, done right.

Most people want to know what is the return on investment with Social Media as a marketing tactic?

Social media is today what the Internet was in the mid-1990s. It’s a great tool, but it doesn’t guarantee success unless you understand its rules, and use strategy to implement it. Not every egg the goose lays is golden.

The key to adopting any marketing tactic is to measure the time/money spent, as well as the benefits you receive. Examine your technique. Measure your results. What works and what doesn’t work? It’s important to concentrate on the more successful aspects of social media, (or any marketing) while “cutting out the fat” by eliminating the time wasting chores and money wasting tactics.

At corecubed, we know there’s more to social media marketing than just planting your flag and staking a claim. It’s not enough to be involved. You have to be effective, engaged, integrated and willing to listen. Let us be your partners as you create a marketing strategy that  delivers the results you need. Call us today!