Choose the right metrics for ROI

Yesterday’s Webinar was a successful one, with more than 50% of attendees who signed up actually attending, and, better than that, their attention was captured for the entire Webinar. The only way corecubed “advertised” that Webinar was through Social Media.
So, we can measure by results that our social media ROI was a success for that Webinar.

I suggest that there are several ways to gauge the ROI of social media. The first is to focus on the number of relevant followers not just followers per se.
Other numbers that really count when measuring for effectiveness:
• The number of people who fill in a form to get more information (or register for an event).
• The number of people who use a specific coupon associated only with the social media campaign.
• The number of influential people who tweet something about you or the event or the business.
• The number of influential blogs that link to you, mention you, refer to you.
• The number of Twitter followers from a specific location or demographic that is important to your business.

March 11 in Philadelphia, I will be presenting on the strategy of social media at the 8th Annual NPDA  Conference: You can read more here, sign up, and come hear me talk live and in person!