Fortune Telling for Social Media

We’ve been hearing for months about the role social media can play in a company’s overall marketing strategy, but the interactive technology is not the end-all, be-all for reaching your customers. As with the rise of dot-coms in the Internet’s infancy, there are those who succeed at social media usage and those who simply waste their time. The key to marketing success using social media is identifying the trends and reacting to them. Some forecasted trends for 2010:
1. A focus on getting value out of the networks
2. Discovering ways to save on costs or serve customers more effectively
3. Including some “carrots” that encourage a bit of friendly competition
4. Establishing social media business policy covering rules of engagement across multiple networks
5. Development of more and/or better mobile versions of social media
6. A decrease in email and an increase in sharing over established networksl

For more details on these forecasted ideas, read FutureLab’s David Armano in more detail.