Pink Letter Dates

Did you know that October is breast cancer awareness month?

Bright Pink does. The Chicago-based non-profit organization devoted to promoting women’s health issues has developed a mobile marketing campaign to remind women to regularly examine their breasts for signs of cancer. Yes, that is MOBILE marketing campaign. According to a report posted by Genesis Davies, a blogger for EverythingPR, that campaign consists of text messages – somewhat dicey ones at that – distributed to mobile phones. And they are getting the desired attention.

Breast cancer awareness month is not just a time for non-profits like Bright Pink to point out the benefits of early detection. It’s also an opportunity for home care agencies to reinforce their caring brand by demonstrating their concern for the community and their commitment to curbing health problems like breast cancer.

Few things bolster an agency’s public image better than a genuine concern for consumers. But that concern does need to be showcased so folks will notice.

The best way to discover your agency’s opportunities is to find a non-profit organization that addresses a health issue that fits with your agency mission and contact the local chapter. There are a myriad of disease and charitable organizations that hold fundraising events to raise awareness, such as walks, bike-a-thons, auctions and other visible and fun group activities.

For maximum benefit, it’s important to let your clients and the public at large in on your involvement. As a home care agency you’re committed – first of all – to improving the quality of life for others. Show the world how you’re living out your mission. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

• Take part via sponsorship opportunities.
• Provide some great health tips relevant to the observance in question.
• Take digital images of agency employees as they take part in walk-a-thons, auctions, fundraisers, etc. and include them on your Web site.
• Shoot video testimonials of employees who describe their involvement and put them on YouTube and the agency Web site.
• Blog, Tweet and write on Facebook about the event.

Community involvement requires foresight and planning. It’s important to choose the right community involvement with the audience that is best for your agency. corecubed can help you make the right choices, get involved so it is the best for the charity and you, and really show your clients that, by supporting your agency, they’re investing in a home care company that takes responsibility for those around them.