Multiple Targets, Targeted Messages

Anyone who’s ever been skeet shooting knows it’s hard enough to hit just one of those tiny clay targets.

Imagine the difficulties of taking out five or six skeets all fired at the same time. The task is virtually impossible. Even the most skilled marksman would balk at the challenge. You can’t expect to fire one bullet and hit all seven. You have to take each skeet one-by-one, so you can devote all of the necessary time, energy and skill to them all individually.

Unfortunately, some fail to recognize this strategy when creating collateral and communication to the target audiences.

One of the cardinal rules of any marketing communication is that it must speak to the needs of its target audience. Nothing irks a homeowner more than to receive an ad in the mail for rental insurance: they don’t need it, so it’s a complete waste of their time.

The same truth in targeting goes for eNewsletters. The truth is some businesses — such as home care agencies – serve a plethora of diverse clients with various needs, and get referrals from those who are not the care recipient. Such an agency might want to target:

• The frail elderly potential or current clients.
• Families or loved ones of those who need care.
• The medical community that refers for home care.
• Ancillary business that interface with those who might need care or care advice: attorneys, trust officers, real estate agents, etc.

It’s clear that each of these sub-groups have their own challenges, goals, needs and desires when it comes to information needed on home care. Thus the marketer is faced with a challenge: How can the agency distribute communication that speaks to all of these diverse sub-groups?

The answer, in many cases, is this: They can’t, unless they REALLY work at it. And sometimes, they just can’t.

That’s right. You read it here. You can’t apply a one-newsletter-fits-all solution for a diverse audience any more than you can take out a dozen clay targets with one bullet. It’s one thing if your client base is made up of apples. It’s another if it’s comprised of apples, oranges, pears, bananas and ugly fruit.

So how do you know when it’s time to come up with two, three – even four – different versions of the same newsletter?

The important thing is to identify each target market and then read the eNewsletter once for each group in an effort to determine whether that specific group would be excited or energized by the content. Read each article – every piece of content – and place yourself in the shoes of each market segment. How would the 98-year-old World War II veteran react to the e-newsletter? What about the doctor who specializes in orthopedics? Or the son who lives in California while his mother is in New Jersey?

You likely will not have to rewrite the entire newsletter. When done correctly, many articles will span the targeted audiences. That article on the tax deductions involved in home health care might be of interest to the elder himself or to his adult child, but if you want to interest the trust officer, you’ll likely want to replace that feature story with one on Alzheimer’s symptoms or when to take the keys away.

The key to eNewsletter marketing is providing the reader with information they need – and want! When you can track the hits back to your Web site you’ll know they’re reading what you have to say, and taking action to see who is saying it.

And they’ll remember your name when they’re in need of your services – and when they have the opportunity to refer friends, family, clients or colleagues.

We at corecubed understand the integral role that an active, reliable ongoing monthly eNewsletter can play in a company’s marketing campaign. We don’t just throw eNewsletters together: We provide targeted content that is relevant and informative in addition to being positive about your company. Our careconnect eNewsletter program is just one example of how we can help an agency send out the right information that can target many. To learn more, shoot us an e-mail, check out our Web site or give us a call!
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