One step ahead of Hitler-a child’s story of the holocost

Experiences during WWII have been written about, filmed, avidly discussed and memorialized. But yet another perspective brings new insight into the atrocities that one set of humans thrust upon another. Fred Gross has written a newly released book One Step Ahead of Hitler, and this time, the experience is from a child’s point of view. Only three years old when his family was forced to flee Antwerp and outrun/outsmart the Hitler regime, Fred tells the story of his family’s plight through France staying one step ahead of Hitler. Fred is an excellent story teller, and this book was a sit down and must complete it type of read. And now, it seems that more should read and understand how fragile our freedoms are, and that we must pay attention so we do not repeat history.

Information on purchasing available from Carmichaels Book Store in Louisville.

The book was published by Mercer University Press.