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Gooble Gooble gone

I Miss My Turkey

What can YOU do that is positive and that can help us find our new normal? What can YOU do that will help others? What can YOU do today that will make life better today and into the future? I challenge you to take some time and quit thinking of how things used to be that you wish were that way again and envision a future that starts with today and is how things are now.

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Working together makes it easier.

Establishing Unity is Key to Success in the Healthcare at Home Industry

What a privilege it is to be AT the table where strategy is created and implemented. And, what hope I now have for the future of healthcare at home after spending a day in DC with the leaders who have taken up the mantle to steer the healthcare at home industry.[…]

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Downsizing is Hard

The Journey from Supersized to Downsized

I recently took my staff on a virtual tour to let them experience firsthand the turmoil and chaos of my current undertaking: packing up two lifetimes of memorabilia, collectibles, and necessities from one home and moving it all 400 miles to my new residence. It’s not a pretty sight; in[…]

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