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10,000 Boomers turn 65 each DAY!

Help Me Understand This

Sometimes, when there’s a difficult concept to grasp or a difficult decision to be made, it helps to go back to the basics. Start with what you know. For many of us, particularly lifelong learners, and the young, a picture – or a hands-on experience – truly is worth a[…]

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Getting old or being disabled should not disqualify one for care.

The Bottom Line About Healthcare

There’s a time and a place to remain quiet. Schools now have mandatory silent sustained reading time, where students cannot speak but are engaged in the pages of a book for 20 minutes. Movie theaters warn us to silence our cell phones when it’s time for the show to begin.[…]

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Think of green as go, yellow as go in a minute and red as a challenge!

Chasing Success

How do you define success? When a group of 5- to 16-year-olds were asked that very question, their answers ranged from being good at karate to being Justin Bieber. Meanwhile, a poll of the elderly (with a mean age of 80) viewed self-acceptance and self-contentment as evidence of success. And[…]

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Life is a reflection of you

Learn Through Living and Loving

Try this: Succinctly describe (without Googling it!) the linear pair theorem. Or, to the nearest mile, list the circumference, radius, and volume of the moon. Stumped? And yet at one time, committing facts such as these to memory was of paramount importance, keeping us up into the wee hours of[…]

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