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Work with the young to stay young

You win some, you lose some…but your wins can overcome your losses!

I hate to burst anyone’s brightly sparkling Boomer bubble, but there’s no denying it: we do lose a lot as we age. Whether it’s superficial losses – a little less hair or firmness, for example – or something more significant – physical health, the passing of loved ones, memory and[…]

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Denial is not really a healthy state

Denial is NOT a River in Egypt

Have you ever played hide ‘n seek with a preschooler? Without fail, there’s always one little one that will simply cover her eyes when it’s her turn to hide. After all, if she can’t see you, you must not be able to see her – right? In some ways, we[…]

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We just need to keep searching for the cause and cure of Alzneimer's

100 Years and Still Searching…

Let’s take a step back in time, way back, to the year 1906. If we visited the Frankfurt Mental Asylum, perhaps we could peer over the shoulder of Dr. Alois Alzheimer as he obsessed over the cause behind the strange behaviors of a 51-year-old patient – and soon after, discovered[…]

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