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Aug 2 2013

WordPress 3.6 – a New Release AND New Market Share

WordPress content management system

WordPress captures almost 20% of Market in Website Design

Do you use WordPress for your website needs? If not, it is time to take a hard look at doing just that. According to the latest buzz, WordPress websites are now almost 20% of the total websites now operational globally. 66% of those are in English.

“This is the most graphically and visually appealing WordPress yet” states Matt Mullenweg  in a report from WordCamp, an international gathering of developers. WordPress is now in its 10th year, and it just gets better and better, it seems.

WordPress 3.6 is affectionately known as Oscar. Meaningless trivia, but, what is not meaningless trivia is what it does, and what is in store for the future. The development team at WordPress just celebrated a 10th Anniversary and also got a huge influx of capital to continue expanding. Keeping the Internet safe, helping businesses expand their online presence, and doing business via the web are all continuing to increase in importance. Mobile apps are another reason that WordPress has gained, and is continuing to gain in popularity. WordPress works really well on mobile devices, and, as more and more people are online and mobile, the importance of keeping up to date via an easy interface to mobility continues to increase.

Communication is key in this rapidly changing world, and WordPress is rising as one great communication vehicle for the present and the future.

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Jul 9 2012

Get Energized with a Custom WordPress Theme Especially for Home Care Agencies

In order to stay competitive in home care today, agencies MUST have websites. Oftentimes, though, a professionally designed and developed site is looked at as “too costly” when anyone can slap together a website. However, these days, your website is your business card, and if your business card was hard to read or not even big enough to hold all your pertinent information, would you expect anyone to call you back?

The same is true with your website. It needs to not only look great, but also contain all the features that will lead potential clients and referrals to trust that your agency is the best! The Custom WordPress Themes offered by corecubed‘s Home Care Agency Marketplace take the pain out of developing a website from scratch, yet are pristinely designed to allow agencies to add information quickly and easily, as well as link to blogs and other social media sites. One of the newest themes, entitled “Energy,” will get your home care agency up and running online in no time.

The corecubed team brings their collective experience in home care, home care marketing, and home care website design and development into each Theme. Visit Home Care Agency Marketplace to take a live tour of the “Energy” theme or contact corecubed to find out more about their web design and development services and home care specialization.

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Apr 24 2012

Proactive- the Key Word for Today. Take Heed.

Do not say we did not warn you! Last night we had another client’s website get hacked. The reason? Out of date software!

Security for websites

In the sage words of our Web Manager, Will Chatham, “it is not ‘if’ my site gets hacked, it is ‘when”.” Right now, more than ever before, the Black-Hat hackers are working to disrupt how we all do business on the internet. There are some reasons that a site gets hacked, and in the last few weeks we have seen all of them in use.

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The reasons and the fixes are from Ask Securi:

  1. Website with known vulnerabilities
  2. Out of Date Software
  3. Bad Usernames and Passsword

So, what can you do? My advice would be to hire corecubed to monitor, update and backup your site if that site in is WordPress, but there are the words from another source if you are more of a do it yourselfer:

  • Stay away from Soup Kitchen servers – dedicate a server for your testing, staging and production environment. Familiarize yourself with the concept around website cross-contamination.
  • Please, please, please update your software – this includes all thing from the web server OS, CMS platform, associate plugins and themes. In the last month or so we have seen updates to both WordPress and Joomla.
  • Back up your site, data and anything else associated with the site – don’t back it up onto the same server, that kind of defeats the purpose of a backup.
  • Engage a professional – Would you allow your cousin to operate on you if you needed surgery?
  • Use unique credentials, stay away from admin and use random generators for your passwords. This applies to everything from your cpanel to database access, every one of those access points are possible attack vectors. Here is an article you might find interesting talking to how someone would crack your credentials, “How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords“. Here is another one of a small test we did internally to identify the most commonly used credentials through the use of brute-force attacks.
  • Don’t forget about your local environment, ensure you are running an AV on your machine – more often than not we see infections initiate from compromised  machines housing trojans.
  • Educate yourself – learn the do’s and don’ts about operating your own website, even if you have a professional. Don’t let yourself be a victim to a professional.
  • Learn how to use .htaccess to lock down your site.
  • Proactively scan your site manually to make sure things aren’t missed. There are a number of tools available to you, here are a few free tools (no emails and or registrations required): SiteCheck and UnmaskParasites

We all benefit greatly from the freedom and access we have with the Internet. Now it is time to put some extra locks on that open door, and to protect your self and your business, and those who do business with you. Call us or email us and we will be glad to help!


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Apr 5 2012

My Love Affair with WordPress is Validated

22 of every 100 active domains created in the U.S. are running WordPress.

WordPress is responsible for 14.7 percent of the top million websites worldwide representing small, medium and big business.

WordPress is the fastest growing web publishing platform worldwide. While English speaking countries may appear to dominate, WordPress is being used extensively in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia, Spain, India, Romania, South Africa, Netherlands, Peru, Brazil, Philippines, Mexico, and Portugal. According to Google Trends, WordPress is being used in Indonesian at almost triple the rate of English, and nearly the sum total of English, Swedish, Dutch, and Romanian.

See the graph below to check out all platforms. I really love working in WordPress, but more so, love seeing the results from our clients who let us design their websites!

WordPress leads the world in CMS platforms

WordPress leads the world in web design platforms

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Feb 8 2011

The Power of WordPress

Behold the power of using WordPress to design a user friendly and business friendly website. This infographic  tells it all:

Infographic: The Power of WordPressThe Power of WordPress by Tech King

corecubed has a special expertise in creating websites designed in WordPress.

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