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Sep 3 2015

Updated Social Media Results for Home Care Marketing

Wise, strategic usage of social media works

Becoming social with relevant helpful information drives home care referrals

Would you believe I still get asked, “So how does social media bring me clients?” And, today, I will answer this, using today’s user statistics and technological realities.

74% of American adults are online. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are still the top platforms used. Older, affluent users are a subgroup that is growing daily.

Have you ever looked at the Internet Live Stats page? In real time, you can see activities on the Internet. As I write this, there are 3 billion 200 million and growing users. Over 2.5 billion google searches today, so far, and over 5 billion videos viewed on YouTube. Think about that usage, and understand that when someone is searching online, the search includes all of the Internet. It is not like a phone book that is segmented by city. A competitor could be anywhere in the world, and trying to get attention from someone in your market.

So, how does social media tie in with this, and how can it help you get clients? Social media is one way that people of like minds and like thoughts can get together. Social media helps with authority, and authority is one of the things that Google considers when ranking a website. Posting information about issues that relate to home care, will be of interest to those who are seeking care information. Those people seeking care information are also seeking care, at some point either today or in the future.

And, there are lots of people using Facebook. In fact, 149 billion active users are on Facebook today.

And, are those users looking for and/or being influenced regarding care needs?

According to the latest information, more than 40 percent of consumers say that information found via social media affects the way they deal with their health. From a recent study, 54 percent of patients are very comfortable with their providers seeking advice from online communities to better treat their conditions. Thirty-one percent of healthcare professionals use social media for professional networking. Thirty percent of adults are likely to share information about their health on social media sites with other patients, 47 percent with physicians, 43 percent with hospitals, 38 percent with a health insurance company and 32 percent with a drug company. .

When someone is searching for home care, they start that search online, and they look at social media, medical sites, and then go to websites and see if they can gain more insight into how to solve their problems. Using social media, and addressing the needs of those seeking care, while showcasing your agency as a quality provider, will help those seeking home care find you.

My fabulous team at corecubed can set up social media accounts, create a strategy for success, and implement everything! We can keep your social media active, write blogs for your website, and use a strategy that gets proven results.

Inquire as to how we can help  you.

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Jan 7 2013

Facebook Issues Remove Posts from Business Pages


With social media being such an important part of SEO and communication for a business, what is a person to do when the posts just disappear? Many sites are now experiencing their entire newsfeed just disappearing, and Facebook has no answers at the moment.

Google+ is a great alternative solution, but it has not gained the popularity that Facebook has achieved.  For the time being, Facebook is just asking users to wait and be patient.  Hard to do when it is such an integral component of marketing.

For an analysts report on the status of Facebook as a social media tool for the future, you might be interested in this Huffington Post Video that discusses the future of social media in general.

We at corecubed belive that social media is here to stay, and I will be speaking on that exact topic at the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice Legislative Conference in Austin on January 24th, 2013.



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Oct 29 2012

Facebook (is NOT) for Dummies

Trick or treat! Tomorrow at noon Eastern time, an important webinar on using Facebook will cover why and how. Facebook has been around long enough that it is, as a business, larger than many countries. Amazingly, people are still asking, “Should I use Facebook?” The other question that we get regularly is “What is the ROI?”

Facebook Grows in Popularity

Facebook as a business. Use it!


Join Leigh-Ann Heuer, corecubed‘s Internet marketing Specialist and Merrily Orsini, President/CEO as we discuss the who, what, where, how and why of using FAcebook for business (and pleasure).

Over the past few years we have gotten quite good at using Facebook for a variety of businesses, and also for ourselves.

The goals of businesses are different, but the main goal – increase revenue (or at least increase profits) is a universal goal. Facebook has a place at the table for this discussion, and we think you should as well.

There is still time to sign up and join us.

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May 18 2012

Dealing with Negativity on Social Media

As I’ve said before, using social media as one marketing tactic is becoming crucial for businesses of all shapes and sizes. But what happens when someone has something bad to say about your business or agency and does so online? Receiving negative comments on your company’s Facebook page, blog, Twitter feed or Yelp reviews is always uncomfortable. Often, our first reaction to negativity is to try and remove the comment or jump to our own defense, but, because you represent your business as well as your fellow employees, it is important to approach these comments with sensitivity. An eloquent response which addresses the negative feedback will go a long way in upholding your reputation. Definitely do not ignore it. And only remove the negative comment if it is scandalous. Removing a mild negative comment  makes it appear as though you have something to hide.  Following are some negative comments along with suggestions on how to respond:

Negativity regarding your service:
“I hired Agency X for cooking and light housekeeping for my elderly mother and these services were not performed as stated! I advise everyone to stay away from Agency X and try Agency Y instead!”

How to Respond:
Because this negativity relates to your service and caregivers, it is important to address your regret that the customer had a negative experience and offer assistance, but also note that others who have hired your agency have had positive experiences.

Example: “I am so very sorry that you did not feel our services lived up to your expectations. Our clients are very important to us, and I hope you will contact us directly at or phone number #X so that we may rectify the situation. We work very hard to make sure we provide top quality care at all times as our clients and their families are so important to us. We can only make it better if you identify yourself and let us see if we can make the situation right.”

Negativity regarding your company:
“Company A has bad business practices. I called their customer service line for help and they were rude and unhelpful. Never doing business with them ever again!”

How to Respond:
This comment is in regards to how your company operates and/or treats its clients. Again, respond with sensitivity that the client experienced rudeness, and let others who may read your response know that your company prides itself on quality customer service. Never, ever be snippy or negative in your responses.

Example: “We apologize that your customer service experience was less than satisfactory in your search for help with Company A. If you let us know a bit more about when this happened we could make certain that it does not happen to anyone else. I can assure you that we will look into this issue and see what we can do so it never happens to anyone ever again.  Company A has always prided itself on delivering the highest quality services while rendering helpful and professional customer service, and we will continue to strive to uphold that value. We appreciate that you took the time to bring this to our attention.”

You may encounter even nastier comments than the kind listed above on Facebook or your blog. If a commenter seeks to just be nasty or uses an employee’s name, or worse, a client’s name, simply remove the comment if possible. If the person continues attempting to post comments of this nature, block him or her from your page or account. In all cases, be professional and never go on the offensive or attack the commenter back. Showing professionalism in your response to negativity speaks volumes about your agency and its values.

Social media and social networking are so very important in today’s marketing. Our professional social networking team will gladly work with you to create a strategy, offer constructive ideas, or even do the work for you. Call or email us today to see how we can assist.

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Apr 27 2012

Social Madness

Get social! I LOVE this image. Social media is now a must have for businesses, and is no longer an option. Check out our corecubed blogs on using social media in a variety of exciting and results oriented ways.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Frenzie

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