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Aug 6 2012

Arizona Non-Medical Home Care Association Keynote on Trends with a Focus on Technology in Home Care

Working with many agencies and vendors to the home care industry, and having spent years working in home care myself, I’ve seen the changes the industry has gone through and am very aware of the technological brink we are currently poised to breech. With more and more seniors becoming active online, and the children of those seniors doing a large amount of their shopping, researching, and info gathering on the Internet, agencies are beginning to take notice and embrace technology in home care.

Today’s successful in-home care agency needs to be aware of possibilities for the future, to stay ahead of the competition, solve problems before they present and think of new ways to go to market. With the advent of cloud-based computing, affordable tablets and smart phones, the applications of technology to non-medical home care are increasing daily. As the keynote speaker at AZNHA’s 2012 Symposium this month, I’ll be talking about trends in the industry. Following that keynote, I will address a special session on why integrating technology into home care isn’t the future, it’s the present!

Attendees will learn about:

  • Current technology available in the industry
  • Tech trends for the future
  • How to introduce or enhance technology to create best practices in home care
  • How to differentiate services to a more sophisticated customer

Technology and home care – two of my favorite topics! Let’s get the discussion going. Will I see you in Arizona on August 29th?

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Jul 26 2012

Blogging: Marketing’s Magic Potion

If you missed corecubed‘s latest webinar on the marketing importance of blogging, we covered a lot of ground on not only how to blog but also how to measure your blog to ensure you’re getting positive results. The following are some highlights from that webinar on how to plan and use a business blog to reach your audience and get measurable results:

Know Your Audience: As a business, you probably already know who your target market is, but do you know what information is important to them? Researching your clients, their purchasing habits, online tendencies, etc. can help you understand what information they find relevant and what kinds of information would be contained in blog posts they are most likely to read.

Be Relevant: Once you know the intended target for your blog, blogging becomes as simple as producing well-written, relevant content on a regular basis. While that sounds like a large order to accomplish on top of your other responsibilities, keep in mind that blogs don’t have to be long to be engaging. But do make sure that all your posts include well-researched information that is important to your target audience in order to prove to your readers that you are the industry expert they’ve been looking for and ensure returns to your site to read more or to find out more.

Make It Social: In Robert Scoble’s classic 2006 book, Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers, he lists the social aspect of blogs as one of their six key pillars; and that is still true, and even more so, today. He writes, “The blogosphere is one big conversation. Interesting, topical conversations move from site to site linking to each other. Through blogs, people with shared interests build friendships unrestricted by geographic area.” That’s why social media and blogging are a match made in networking heaven. Use your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts to help spread the word about your blog and the valuable information it provides to the masses, and encourage employees to help get the word out via their own social channels.

Measure What’s Working: Other blogging advantages, according to Scoble, and still applicable to today’s market, are that blogs are findable, syndicatable, and linkable, all of which allow your site to be seen by as many eyes as possible. However, you won’t know if your blog is effective in any of these ways without regular measuring. As a strategic part of your marketing plan, your blog should help guide users to your main website, so it’s important to take stock of how much traffic your posts are actually generating. Google Analytics is a great tool that allows you to track not only traffic to your site, but also to drill down to individual posts to find out where you’re getting the most clicks (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, a Google keyword search, etc.).

Keep Up with the Changes: Blogging used to be a great way to fit in those precious SEO keywords that Google used to hold in such high regard, and that’s still true. However, with Google’s latest update, the emphasis is now less about content-based keywords and more about quality of content, which in turn encourages natural linking relationships with other sites. This means that in order to keep a high ranking in Google’s search engine, it’s more vital for bloggers to do their research and create top-notch posts for their readers than it is to concentrate on cramming a blog post with keywords.

Static sites are a thing of the past and Internet users demand more from companies before they’ll hand over their loyalty (and money!). Blogging is an easy way to put a personal spin on a company while providing valuable information to a target audience and increasing viability in the search engines. If you’d like to hear more from our blogging webinar, listen to the recording here.


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Apr 11 2012

Merrily Speaks on Marketing Home Care

Presenting on home care marketing strategy never gets old. Right around the corner, I’ll be keynoting at conferences around the country on customer service and web-based internet marketing, as well as teaming up for an an informative webinar with Will Chatham, Web Manager and a critical component of our corecubed team. Here’s a preview of the marketing goodness that’s to come.

Merrily Orsini Speaks!

Merrily Orsini Brings Humor and Experience and Relevance to an Audience

May 8, 2012

Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice Private Pay Conference: Think Big!

Keynoting with my presentation, “Bigger & Better Customer Service: Winning and keeping clients in today’s market,” you’ll learn my definition of ‘lagniappe’ and how we add that extra dollop to home care. Today’s home care market has competitive and economic challenges that require new tactics and tools to succeed.  Providing excellence in both the quality of the care provided and the way it is delivered necessitates a concierge mentality from initial contact through service provision.  How do you build it into the agency as core values?

Plus, I’ll be leading a Breakout Session—Inbound Marketing: The Skinny on Social Media. Technology is changing how people find and choose home care providers. From blogging to Facebook, to LinkedIn and Google+, attendees will learn how to integrate traditional agency marketing into today’s strategy.

Register here:

October 16 – 18, 2012

New York State Association of Health Care Providers’ 2012 Annual Management Conference & Exhibition

Keynoting with my collective thoughts on “The Effective Website: Ever Shifting, Ever Changing,” conference attendees will look through a kaleidoscope, and change their perspective on website functionality and marketing. Technology in today’s world changes rapidly, and how the website is used changes as the viewer changes his scope, and as technology changes the view. How does an agency best use the Internet as a marketing tool? This informative session will address how to integrate all marketing efforts into the agency website, implementing a strategy for success.

Also leading the Breakout Session, “Convergence and Interactivity: Spend an Hour a Week for Results,” I’ll touch on how to maximize the time-limited work week, and how to keep online content fresh, keep the search engines happy, and how to engage potential and current referral sources and customers.

October 21 – 24, 2012

National Association for Home Care & Hospice Annual Meeting & Exposition

With my breakout seminar on, “Inbound Marketing: A Natural for Home Care with Mobile Apps, Website Resources, and Social Media,” I’ll be talking about all things mobile. More and more, the mobile phone and tablets are fast becoming the hub for much of home care sales and marketing. Growing a business is more about having the right information available in a variety of online ways, and interacting and responding appropriately. Attendees will leave ready to get social!

Register here:

April 25, 2012

National Private Duty Association (NPDA) Webinar: The Agency Website as the Core of Marketing Strategy

As more people search for resources online, the agency website has become the core for marketing services. Making the most of the agency website, not only in design, but in content, and having the search engines rank the site on the first page, are key goals for marketing. Learn the basics from Will Chatham and me, in this interactive webinar where live sites will be used as examples.

To register contact and while you are at it, mention to NPDA that they need to hire corecubed to redesign their website so they can market their webinars online!

For more information about booking me for your next event, check out my “Book Merrily” page and contact my team today!

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Mar 30 2012

Today is University of Kentucky Proud Alumni Day

All eyes are on Kentucky as the number one seed in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, so it is with a renewed honor that I was interviewed by my undergraduate alma mater, none other than the University of Kentucky. In the podcast link below, I talk about my experiences at UK and how I was introduced to technology as a resource. Specifically I used computer analysis of trending behavior early in my UK education, which has been at the center of my career ever since. 1969 was also a turbulent year to be on a college campus. Click the link below to listen to the interview and find out a little more about how my time at UK shaped my life and career.
And, root for Kentucky tonight in the tournament.

Voices of Alumni: Merrily Orsini

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