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Let's not forget the human touch and the human needs as we develop healthcare at home

Benchmark Bingo

We all love stories of unsung heroes who are suddenly thrust into the spotlight to be recognized for their selflessness. This viral ad will touch your heartstrings with its portrayal of a man whose life is comprised of little behind-the-scenes heroic gestures for which he never receives a tangible reward.[…]

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Age is relative. It is the level of activity that determines age.

No! You Cannot Be 70!

If it’s true that age is only a number, I’m wondering what that number is for me. In the words of the incredulous clerk who recently carded me when I tried to purchase nonalcoholic beer this past week, “You cannot be 70!” Whether she was serious or not, it made[…]

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Resilience is based on positivity

Finding the Silver Lining

“Kids are so resilient!” I’ve heard that expressed so many times and thought it myself in witnessing the escapades and near-misses that are part and parcel of life with grandkids. But do we lose that resilience as we age? Certainly, had I taken the face plant that my youngest grand did[…]

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Beginning something new is one way to keep creative and learning

To Inaugurate, or Not to Inaugurate? Aging Minds Want to Know!

Regardless of your political stance, no doubt the upcoming inauguration is near the forefront of your mind as we, as a nation, take either bold and confident or tentative and fearful steps behind our new leader. Is America really going to be “great again”? Will this inauguration ceremony take its[…]

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The in-home care industry is soon to be more closely scrutinized.

Is reporting coming to a state near you?

You may want to cover your eyes for a moment and skip right over what I’m about to say, but it is, unfortunately, tax season. After the festivities of the holidays, tax time seems to broadside us back into reality, with the need to set our focus on pulling together[…]

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