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Dec 21 2015

Providing Care at Home: Marketing with Visuals

Posted by Merrily Orsini

Care at Home is the best care

Specializing in care at home is hard to represent visually

When I ran my elder care business, it was at a time that aging care at home was in its infancy. The numbers of people needing care were just starting to swell as life expectancy was starting to increase. The visual of hearts and homes were mainly in cross stitched grandmother made heirlooms, and those and rocking chairs symbolized care at home. Today, most home care agencies use some form of hearts and homes in their logos and visuals. However, we continue to strive to find ways to interest folks visually, and to bring some humor into an industry that really needs it at times.

Several years ago, we had a client whose business name was Care at Home, and his business provided mainly pediatric care. The first visual I had when he said “Care at Home” was a carrot home ala Beatrix Potter and the old children’s books illustrations. I thought it would be memorable and a way to showcase that the care was for children. In the process we developed a visual that I love. Even today, when I hear someone say “We provide care at home”, I think of Carrot Home. It still brings a smile to my face.

Granted that visual and the relationship to home care is a stretch, but, it is something that I think we should take advantage of more often, and that is humor in our daily lives. Running a home care agency is really one of the most difficult things I have done, but also, by far the most rewarding. We certainly get rewards from our clients’ successes, and we love partnering with and sharing the successes. However,  occasionally we get the opportunity to really be creative and to add in some of our humor and perspective. It is those times that I love the most. In this holiday season we focus on being thankful and appreciative for those with whom we work, for whom we serve, and to whom we hold thanks and respect.

My wish for you who do not work with corecubed is that you will explore the incredible depth of talent we bring to the aging care space, and give us a chance in 2016 to partner with you to tell your story in a way that garners interest: verbally and visually and in multiple channels.

Happiest of holidays to you. Merry Christmas and  very Happy New Year. Blessings in whatever form you will receive them most gratefully are sent your way.

Let’s make 2016 the very best yet. Now, when you hear, “I provide care at home”, I challenge you NOT to think of Carrot Home and get a smile on your face.

Dec 8 2015

The Top 3 Things to Win at Home Care Marketing in 2016

Posted by Merrily Orsini

It takes an entire team focused on results to win at marketing

Upgrade your home care marketing in 2016

As we close out 2015 and start looking ahead at 2016, what is your plan for making your marketing more in line with what works in today’s marketplace?

First, let me help you understand the importance of digital in the entire equation. In a word, “imperative”. It is, in fact, the most important part of your equation. That is not to say that branding, messaging, and targeting are not important, but all of those need to take place within a digital environment.

The user and searcher for home care services are going through a journey. That journey (if not one that needs immediate help) starts usually well before the need is acute. The home care marketer has to understand a) the journey and its possibilities and b) how to be where the searcher is looking as they start on and complete that journey.

The accompanying marketing strategy must evolve from more of a universal perspective, not just a digital or social one, and quantifying the marketing you are doing is one key to success.

Depending on the size of the agency, the model of care provided, and the budget, the path to success will vary. But that path must always be connected back to the brand, and extend the brand awareness. And be heavily reliant on the digital component.

If you think you can simply copy your marketing strategy and budget and do the same thing you did in 2015 for 2016—think again. As technology evolves, things are changing. If you want to continue reaching prospective customers and referral sources, you need to know what works, follow the trends, and stay ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with people in their journey searching for care through your digital marketing efforts.

If Content Was King in 2015, It Will Be Emperor in 2016

Google makes changes, some minor, and some major, about 500-600 times a year. Keeping up with what works right now (which is what you want – a searcher to find you TODAY, when that searcher is looking) is a task for the experts. Contact us at corecubed if you really want results from aging care marketing strategy and implementation. Your content has to be planned, executed regularly, measured for results and then changed as needed. That means content FOR the website, blogs, and all social media posts. They need to all work in tandem toward one goal: having the searcher find you when the need presents.

Content Must Be Optimized Across Channels and Remain Consistent to the Brand.

The search is getting more specialized and specific. Optimizing for the searcher seems to be moving more into overall customer experience across all channels. “Marketing” will become everybody’s job. (Attend corecubed’s January webcast “New Year’s Resolution: Make Marketing a Total Team Effort”) The smart company will leverage all internal resources to be social, to collaborate and to participate in marketing online and offline. Each and every person in the company needs to think about how they can participate in creating and adding relevant content and also engage in social media.

The focus is not just on SEO or just on social. The idea for 2016 is to create a consistent experience where you know (through data) that your audience is active. Analyzing data allows you to make smarter marketing decisions, stay relevant, and use the resources and talent at your disposal. The newly created content that is relevant to your searcher’s needs can “live” on each of your marketing channels. Created and placed in the right format, you can then better scale your efforts so your organization can make quicker actions that reap more results.

Should you be active on each and every possible marketing channel? Not necessarily, but where you are active, it is important to create a consistent experience.

Go Mobile or Go Home

Have you heard us speak of micro-marketing moments? With access to devices 24/7/365 and minds that want answers, users and searcher are accessing information at many times each and every day from many locations. Your website should be responsive to each and every possible device, and contacting you should be easy and you should be responsive. A “bird in the hand” is someone who finds you and reaches out. Designing for the mobile user facilitates that.

Seem too much for you to tackle while you are also trying to run a business, meet and greet important referral sources, and keep up with all the legislative and regulatory changes being thrown at you? Well, I have a simple answer to winning at home care marketing in 2016: partner with the aging care marketing experts at corecubed, and let us do the work. You focus on operations and relationships. It is a winning combination, and we have decades of success stories to prove just that. Is it too soon to wish you the best marketing ever in 2016? You know how to make that happen.


Dec 7 2015

One Size Does Not Fit All in Dementia Care

Posted by Merrily Orsini

Ask questions before you assume you know how to deal with someone with a dementia.

Dementia care varies depending on the state of the person.

Just this past week I have had two inquiries from past acquaintances about decisions made for their mothers who have some form of dementia. Oddly enough (or not) both situations had progressed fairly far down the decision making process before consulting me. I liken this to buying anything, say a car, with a decision to go for fuel efficiency or flash and then asking, after the purchase, if you made the right decision.

Like buying a car, there is no one size fits all. Each person has a budget, requirements for cost of maintenance, and soft needs like prestige or ego. In eldercare, particularly when a dementia or some cognitive deficit is involved, there are starting points, and then decisions that can be best made along the way.

First is the need to make certain that the dementia is irreversible. Some dementias are reversible. If you do not know that, then the very first decision may be the wrong one. Finding a physician or a geriatric evaluation and treatment clinic that knows the aging body and brain, and how food and medicines affect that aging body will make a tremendous difference. There are some times when depression, delirium, or malnutrition are causing the loss of cognitive functioning, and some changes to lifestyle and medications can make all the difference in the world. If you are dealing with a dementia that is reversible, then, you fix that and life goes on as normal. AND, you dodged a bullet big time.

So, if the dementia is not reversible, and is progressive you do know that eventually that person, your loved one, will not be the same person you know and love. Physically they may look the same and have a similar smile, but you will cease to be a part of the memory bank, eventually, and the relationship will die. The person will still look like your loved one, but eventually they will be someone else in memory, reactions, love, and companionship. They will not be who you fell in love with or who you have always known as a mother, father, brother or sister. Understanding how best to keep yourself healthy in this environment so full of loss and pain is key. For both of you.

This is when you need to read up on how to communicate with someone with a dementia, and how to survive living with someone who has a dementia. There will be a time period when the person may be in and out of the present, and in and out of cognition. Sometimes that does not happen, but also many times it does. Understanding the disease, and what happens to the person with the dementia may help you cope some. It does not take away the hope that the person you knew and loved will “come back”. But it will make the first part of this long journey easier.

There are lots of resources out in the world to help those who are dealing with loved ones with dementia. Whether you read and research online or attend support groups or pick up books at a book store, you really do need to find out as much as you can about dementia and Alzheimer’s. So many people are so afraid of a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s that they miss the point – it does not matter what the cause, if the person has a cognitive deficit, then you need to know how to best support that person and keep that person in a “safe” place. Logic and reason go out the door. Truth as well. Peace and harmony are the goals, and who knows what is inside the mind of the person with a dementia? It may be really scary from where they view the world. Your job is to ease that pain and lessen that burden. But you really need the tools that help you do that.

So, just a bit of a rant, but the key is to start early, get the dementia looked at when it starts so you can either reverse it or learn to deal with it. And, reach out to those who know and have experience so you can plan your future and that of your loved one in a way that makes the most sense for both of you.

Nov 12 2015

Bring Value to Your Client and Referral Relationships

Posted by Merrily Orsini

Deliver excellence, personalized.

Stand out from the crowd by being better!

What is the #1 best source of new home care and aging care business? Existing clients and existing referral sources! Are you “mining” that source as well as paying attention to all of the new potential clients and referral sources to buy your home care services? Check out these suggested tactics and rate yourself as to how you are faring in the value/price equation:

When you find articles or items of interest (make certain the item is specific to the interest of the client or referral source, not just a blanket distribution), send those along to your existing clients and referral sources as well.

Consider quoting or profiling referrals sources when you post blogs or write articles.Invite clients and referral sources to any community presentations, special events, or anything your agency sponsors.

Ask both clients and referral sources for testimonials, and make it easy for them. (Give them URLs to use for industry reviews, or help them set up a Google account so they can post a Google review.

Encourage feedback on services, and admit and correct any mistakes or missteps immediately.

Make your clients feel important and special. Send thank you notes, small gifts and give them the gift of your time as well.

Make your referral sources feel important and special. Follow through with information about the clients and patients they have referred to you.

Whenever possible give a “yes” answer and always sport a can-do attitude.

Refer back to your referral sources when appropriate. And let them know you made the referral in case that person never calls.

Write personal thank you notes. Nothing says “thank you” like a personal note handwritten. Old fashioned? Yes, but appreciated.

Some say loyalty is built on the value/price equation. That equation roughly states, “A client will stay loyal to you as long as he/she perceives the value of the services he/she receives to be greater than the fee he/she pays.”  Communicating often to your clients and referral sources is one key to keeping top of  mind and to making that special feeling grow.

corecubed is well known for our implementation of ongoing communication tactics that build value. We focus on providing helpful resources to those who seek home care, and we educate about the home centered care industry. Attend one of our on-site presentations or check out our online library of past webinars to gain knowledge of how we provide value to our treasured clients.