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Better for your health than vitamins - grands

Isn’t It Grand? The Surprising Ways Grandparenting Impacts Us – and, Our Beloved Grands.

Webster’s tells us that to be “grand” is to be magnificent, the most important of its kind. And picture the visual for someone making a “grand” entrance: dramatic, majestic, stunning. If I could try to put into words what it means to be a “grand” parent, however, I’d portray it[…]

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Some simple steps will keep you safe on the Internet

Navigating the Online World: Are You and Yours Safe and Secure, or Scammed?

Step aside, telephone scammers – there’s a new kid on the block wreaking havoc on consumers of all ages: cyber scams. And most dishearteningly of all, it is we and our fellow elders who are often particularly susceptible to being taken for a ride. The majority of us seniors have[…]

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Think creatively when finding ways to recruit and retain good caregivers.

Creative Incentives to Find – and Keep – Caregivers

Get ready, America: the AARP is predicting a disturbingly imbalanced ratio of family caregivers to those who need care within just a few short years. By 2020, the estimated number of seniors needing care will hit nearly 117 million, while those willing loved ones available to care for them caps[…]

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