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Life is beautiful. Live it to its fullest.

Rejoice in Spontaneous Glorious Moments

Aging is full of many surprises, and many of them are not so pleasant. Things start to go wrong, they fall apart, they sag and drag and each day is full of surprises that have the potential to be unpleasant. However, the choice to be positive, to look at the[…]

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Technology is one way to better meet needs

Happy Labor Day

Celebrating our labor force today. Seems to me the people who work provide the fuel for the economy. We work to support our lifestyles or to put away money for eventual retirement. Or to just survive. But the people who work pay into the system and that is, for the[…]

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Mix up the ages of your playmates for some joy and longevity

Playfulness May Be One Key to Intellectual Longevity

Do you have grandkids or have exposure to those at differing ages and interests than you? Do you spend time each day in some kind of mental exposure to things outside work, or drudgery? Can you say that you enjoy life and have a smile on your face most times[…]

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