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Contagious Optimism Essay For Your Enjoyment

Headed to Las Vegas today to serve as faculty for the CAHSAH Management Certification Program for home care agencies. What a wonderful idea to actually get training to run a home care agency better, and to keep up with all the changes in the industry, regulations, and legislation, both pending[…]

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Don’t lie. Don’t steal. Don’t be lazy.

Choosing what rules to live by is a crucial part of one’s destiny, and guides us towards that destiny in our daily lives by how we chose to live. This week one of my clients has been doing leadership training, and I keep thinking that some simple rules would certainly[…]

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What St. Patrick Can Teach Us About Home Care Marketing

Dying the Chicago River green is only one of the crazy things that happen on St. Patrick’s Day. It is on this day that seemingly well-behaved professionals and adults across the country will find an excuse to let loose. They might wear green or even toss back a few Kelly[…]

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Seven Home Care Referral Marketing Habits Worth Adopting

Getting lots of inquiries about becoming a successful home care “marketer” (AKA home care salesperson). In thinking more about it, I find the best referral builders are also really successful rainmakers. The numbers speak for themselves in revenue and client census, if the agency is measuring. From my experience with[…]

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The top 3 things most important for building relationships

Three Key Stay-in-Touch Elements for Home Care Referral Partnerships

Following up on corecubed’s Building Referral Partnerships That Last webcast this week, I wanted to share the three most valuable ideas to keep in mind while building relationships. After you meet the people who are most likely to use your services or to refer to you, it is up to you[…]

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