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Beginning something new is one way to keep creative and learning

To Inaugurate, or Not to Inaugurate? Aging Minds Want to Know!

Regardless of your political stance, no doubt the upcoming inauguration is near the forefront of your mind as we, as a nation, take either bold and confident or tentative and fearful steps behind our new leader. Is America really going to be “great again”? Will this inauguration ceremony take its[…]

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The in-home care industry is soon to be more closely scrutinized.

Is reporting coming to a state near you?

You may want to cover your eyes for a moment and skip right over what I’m about to say, but it is, unfortunately, tax season. After the festivities of the holidays, tax time seems to broadside us back into reality, with the need to set our focus on pulling together[…]

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So…How Are Those Resolutions Working Out For You?

We’ve turned the page, and for many, it was quite a welcome relief, considering the twists and turns of 2016. As we smooth our hands over that crisp, new calendar page – or more realistically, swipe our thumbs to push that last electronic page of 2016 to the side, we’re[…]

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The Ball’s About to Drop: Are You Ready?

Is there any time more nostalgic and reflective than the end of the year? As if our own thoughts and memories weren’t sufficient, Facebook will even put together a snapshot of our year’s top photos, allowing us the opportunity to visually relive the highlights in a matter of moments. Perhaps[…]

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Give the gift of time this holiday season

Pardon Me…….Do You Have the Time?

I imagine at this time of year you’re as knee-deep in it as I am: the incredibly hectic pace of the holidays. I have to wonder at the juxtaposition of the calming strains of holiday music piped into the mall, beckoning us to roast our chestnuts by the open fire,[…]

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