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Mix up the ages of your playmates for some joy and longevity

Playfulness May Be One Key to Intellectual Longevity

Do you have grandkids or have exposure to those at differing ages and interests than you? Do you spend time each day in some kind of mental exposure to things outside work, or drudgery? Can you say that you enjoy life and have a smile on your face most times[…]

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Louisville Celebrates Muhammad Ali

The Champ Lost His Final Fight: Parkinson’s Disease

Inspiring. An inspiration. RIP Muhammad Ali, the Louisville Lip, our cherished native son, a practicing Muslim, a conscientious objector, a quiet and peaceful man matured from a restless and vociferous young man. And, of course, a past heavyweight champion of the world, three times. A champion who met with and[…]

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The insidious effects of the beginnings of a dementia

Things May Not Be What They, At First, Seem

Ah the insidious (sometimes) slow but devastating effects of aging. If you have a loved one who seems to be slipping mentally, that first realization is the beginning of the hardest part. The hardest part is in determining when is the person slipping mentally going to need help? Because, like[…]

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Conquering one step at a time

Continuing the Climb Together

Life is about experiencing many things, achieving multiple goals, continuously learning and conquering a variety of adversaries. Many years ago I took (twice) a course on Priority Management. My friend Niels Ewing taught it, and it was a great way to organize so as to meet greater goals. The premise[…]

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Orsini's First Business Coincided with the Anniversary of Mt St Helens

Happy Blow-Your-Top-Off Anniversary to Mt. St. Helens

Thirty-six years ago today, on May 18th 1980, Mt. St. Helens blew its top completely off. A friend of mine, living in Portland on a houseboat at the time, looked up to see a topless mountain where there once had been a pointed top.  Now this mighty mount is rumbling[…]

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